299Ko is a French CMS (Content Management System), written in PHP. Derived recently from the CMS 99ko, it maintains the same philosophy. It is released as free software under the GNU GPL v3. Completely free, it allows anyone to create their own website, blog, image gallery, etc., without any programming knowledge. Primarily designed for beginners but usable by everyone, 299Ko can be easily modified to suit individual needs. With a little practice, you'll soon be able to create your own graphic style (theme) or even your own modules (plugins) to further extend the capabilities of this lightweight CMS.

Indeed, far from being bloated, the idea and guiding principle remain simplicity. Easy to install, use, maintain, backup, and even modify. Without a database, 299Ko stores all site content in JSON files, making it a very fast system.

This project is voluntary, meaning nobody gains anything from participating in the development of the software. As I write these lines, I am the sole contributor to the CMS, and I progress only during my spare time. But if you ever want to lend a hand, any help is welcome, even moral support ^^

Currently, 299Ko is only available in French, but nothing is set in stone đŸ˜€ All the source code is available on GitHub, allowing anyone to track changes as they happen and propose their own.

Used Libraries

To facilitate the development of the system, 299Ko relies on several libraries:

  • FancyApps: Lightbox simplifying the display of images or windows without changing the page.
  • FontAwesome: Icon font, for displaying icons on your pages.
  • TinyMCE: Editor that allows you to write HTML simply without knowing its structure, of the WYSIWYG type.


In the early days of 299Ko, all services (blog, documentation, forum) were hosted for free by TuxFamily, an association providing free hosting for any project of free software or content, with the aim of promoting them. Thanks to them.

Recently, all this content is self-hosted by the site administrator, Max, on an HP MicroServer Gen 8 server, powered by solar panels :)

HP Proliant Microserver

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This page was last edited on 2024-03-02 14:58

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